Relationship 101:

Being in a relationship is like having a job. You have to sacrifice certain things, stop some of the old things you use to do, and removing certain people out your life. Relationships can also be complicated, stressful, dissatisfying, and so on. Being in a relationship is hard on both ends because women see things totally different from men and vice versa. You have to really put your all and that’s where people fail at. Building a relationship is pretty much like a pre-marriage, ” I know you guys probably like not a such thing”, but what I mean is, when you are starting a relationship, you should be looking at the future. For instance, you should always have in the back of your mind if you see yourself marrying that person. Not saying you suppose to jump into marriage, but at least it’s the thought of it. Be with somebody you plan a future with, turn to your mate an ask them, ” Do you see yourself marrying me in the future? “, If yes try to make it work as best as you can, if not then maybe you should sit back and think if your making the right wise decision.


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