Favorite activity as a child:

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One of my favorite activity to do when i was a child was riding my bike, scooter, and roller skates. Everyday after school i’ll come home just to ride around with my friends. It was about me and 4 other kids, you couldn’t tell us we wasn’t driving an imaginary car “LOL”. I mean we took our wheels to everywhere, it was so fun. My other favorite activity as a child was taking the bus to the mall. Every Saturday and Sunday me and my girl friends would go to this mall called South Bay Galleria. Every weekend everybody from different local schools was there. I mean sometimes all the teens will go just to go not even buy anything. Of course we went just to see all the cute and hottest boys from the schools “LOL”. We will also go because a certain movie came out, so everybody talks about it at school and say everybody meet at a certain time, then it will get posted all over myspace so everyone can know to come, can i say that the movies literally will be packed full of loud, annoying teenagers, but it gave us something to do. Them days was the best days ever. I have so much different things i liked to do as a kid, i can seriously write a book. 


   Whats your favorite activity as a child?


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