Relationship: Communication


In a committed relationship, communication is always the key. I’m sure everybody heard that saying. Well it’s true, but now days in our era not to many people does it. Especially us women. We always want to be combative and always find something to stir up with our significant other. When both communication skills are on the same level everything goes just fine. When you feel like you are getting mad, or you seen or heard something about your significant other, sit and talk. Let them know how you or what’s going on. 


Some women have it bad yelling and getting angry with men, especially if he doesn’t argue back, I can never explain why women do it, but it is very common. As a woman, we have to learn to understand that yelling isn’t going to get your point across. We are emotional human beings that always want the attention. Even if it means to take time to cool off for an hour, then do so. Then once you two have cooling off, that’s when you two should sit in have ” THE TALK”. 



Trust me, it works.

Love is beautiful, cherish your

significant other because like i always say,

if it wasn’t meant to be, then you two would have never decided to date.




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