Dating a Boy vs A Man



It is a big difference dating a boy vs dating a man, some people feel like its not a difference, but typically my opinion it is.Boys still sit at home jobless, broke, no ambition, no goals, just plain out lazy.Boys also depend on a woman to take care of their sorry ass, while they do nothing but lay up. Can i say dating a boy is basically like dating a actual kid. Boys like to sit up in there “Boys” face, #Turnoff. Boys will cheat on you and have sex with multiple women just to say it was an mistake and also feed you with all type of lies and bullshit.

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Dating a man is the best sensual, loving feeling you will ever have. A man will make sure you okay,  support you, and be completely honest with you. A man will take you out, sex you good, only sleep with you and only you. A man is a woman best friend, he will soon want to marry you and see his self progressing in the near future. A man will own up to his flaws, his faults, and whatever else his significant other will complain about. 


All & All pay attention to whom you date, don’t just settle for less or have the mindset that there isn’t somebody out there for you when it truly is.-QouiaCemon



  1. This is really good.
    But I believe as man as well could cheat on you with multiple women as well.
    Just because a man loves and has his shit together, doesn’t he will be faithful.

    Overall this was a nice blog and stay away from boys and seek a man lol

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