Pink Press: Relationship Advice for my women

Ladies if he cheats, leave. Stop trying to hold on to something that isn’t meant to be held. Yes, relationships are beautiful and they are also fun, but fighting for his love isn’t always worth it. Fight for a man that respects you, love you, adore you, and show you day by day that he wants you. 

Now days, our generation of women are weak, simple minded, and materialistic. When you date a guy because how he dress , how he looks or because who he is then things don’t last or go the way you thought it would. Sometimes women fall so hard that you began to catch yourself loving him more than yourself.


Ladies don’t be simple. Make sure you figure your man out first, make sure you you get treated how you deserve to. Don’t settle for less and learn how to love yourself foremost and to pay attention and read your significant other.



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