The Power of Sex

One of the greatest powers a woman has is the power of her sex. A lot of women realize the power of their sexuality and those who do often abuse that power. I figured out myself that power itself can be a little challenging and maybe fearing for younger women or to women who have had bad experiences. 

A woman’s sexual power is strongest before she has sex with a man for the very first time and she is at the apex of her sexual power just before a man first engages into sex with her. Although a lot of men do a lot of the work women still has the power, we are giving something to a man that feels so good to them, that feels so warm inside, that makes their bodies weak. 

Some people probably ask their selves what does power look like? Consider how when it’s a guy and his friends just hanging out, and a smoking hot girl comes by, you can almost see his self about to lose it off the beauty of what he see’s in front of him. We are the #1 eye catcher when it comes to men. 

It’s really a mind thing. Study sex if you haven’t, women should realize we have more power than we think. Our power is well explanatory, and easy to to understand if you really pay attention to men and how much of an affect we put on them.

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4 thoughts on “The Power of Sex

  1. Women do abuse their power when it comes to sex and most men fall for or it.
    Men are suckers for some sex but once in a while you do meet the type of guy that can use reverses psychology in a way where women can’t get over by using their sexuality.


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