Ways i embrace my beauty and style

Honestly, I love taking pictures. I remember at a time i was very insecure, a tom boy, and didn’t like being in front of the camera honestly. Now, I just have to take a pic at least once a day, even if i don’t post it. So, to all my ladies no matter of how you felt in your pass or even now, let it go, you are beautiful, you are amazing, you are you. 

I also felt that i never had the best taste in clothing, “my opinion”, but as i grew out of that stage, i realize just as long as i love my style that’s what matters the most. Style isn’t about if everybody likes it, people always fail to realize it. Now days, everybody make fun of people if they are wearing certain shoes or clothing that is not in style, but then when it’s back in style everybody is wearing it. I truly can i admit when i was younger i had that mentality, but now its so different. I love what i love, and i don’t care how anybody feels.

I will throw on anything that brings out my happiness, that will make me feel confident, that will make me feel secure about myself. You have to know that you look good, and know that you are killing it no matter what anyone else thinks. I have a few tips that i do to embrace my beauty and my style.

  • Take a lot of pictures and post them on social media for people to see, even if they don’t like something about the picture, they still see you.

  • Try to wear less make up, so people will know that you are a doll without it

  • Do facial mask

  • Think of styles you see yourself putting together in your head or research online

  • Look in the mirror at least a couple times of the day and tell myself i’m beautiful

  • Pamper your self. Hair, Nails, Eyebrows, Waxing, Massages

  • Write a list of your thoughts daily, write the bad and write the good, and every time you view it, you can see how you are improving so you can work on making your list more on the good side



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