What is your spending addiction?

My first spending addiction is lottery, I mean when i tell you that i always have to buy a scratcher or play some number, it’s serious. I literally play every single day and it’s sad, I can imagine how much i spent playing lotto. I have this weird thought that i am going to hit big one day, more than likely probably wont happen, but that is just stuck on my mind, and i want stop until then i’m guessing. I have won a few times, but i never won something huge, like life lasting huge.Ā 

My second spending addiction is food, i genuinely love food. Food is a super addiction for me, especially if it’s something that is my favorite. I just can’t get enough of it. Sometimes i try not to go over what i shouldn’t, because i do not want to gain no more weight. It’s very hard to cope with your weight when you feel the urge to eat numerous times of the day. Luckily my food addiction isn’t so addicting like it was at first. I am working more on my weight and trying to drop down more pounds. I had to take a break on the 5 meals a day plan unless its small meals and healthy.

I did have a shopping problem at a point of time, but i got much better with that. I would stay at the mall, ross, marshalls, boutiques. online stores, or just anything that caught my eye. I would just have to spend money to buy it. Now i just grab something here and there, most part i already have a lot of clothes i still haven’t worn yet honestly because i’m working and always in my uniform.


What are you guys spending addiction?


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