Inspiration for women Tuesdays 🤳🏽💋👱‍♀️.

As women we love to look good. Just because we wear hair extensions, make up, or anything to look beautiful doesn’t mean we are insecure. Women love embracing their beauty natural or not, we love looking our best, we enjoy getting compliments on how beautiful we look. Don’t let nobody discourage you or tell you different. If your hair isn’t long so you wear hair extensions because you want longer hair, go for it. If you want to wear eyelashes because your eyelashes are short and not full then do it. If you want to shape your eyebrows because you feel your eyebrows are thin or not full enough then do it. If you feel that your teeth isn’t perfect so you going to get braces then do it. If you feel that you have bad acne or you love how you look with make up on then go for it.

Don’t let nobody discourage you or make you feel that you are not beautiful. We all have things in life we might not be secure about in our selves and it’s okay. It’s so many people out there that fake like they are much better than others and really deep down are unhappy. Love your self, compliment yourself, understand if you want a certain look you can have it. Be spontaneous, be Charismatic, be artistic, we are all born to be different and it’s okay.

I love making other women feel good, although I might not be the best person to look up to, but as I grow, I’m starting to really change my way of thinking. I have been through the insecure stage, and I still have things I’m not happy about within myself. I am blessed that I am more happy with myself and don’t down myself as if I’m not good for no one. Life is how you accept it to be, if you want it to be depressing, sad, or negative, then that’s how your life will be. Stay strong and know your worth. Know that you are worthy.




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