Women Inspiration Thursday: Happy Thanks Giving

Hi Beautiful women, I hope you woke up and told yourself you are beautiful. Don’t feel because its to early and you don’t have no make up or eye lashes on, or even extensions that you are not at your best. You are, you are beautiful, you are amazing, and you are strong. Ladies make sure you love yourself first before you show any kind of love to the next person, whether if its a man or woman, friend or cousin, always put yourself more.

Women have to understand when you think about yourself more often, you feel way more secure within your self. You can’t give the next woman more credit than you give yourself because after you then gave the next woman credit, you will make her have the thought that she is better than you. 

Even men, i notice a lot of women fall off their man for not having lack of interest.. Men should always let their woman know that they are beautiful even if she is going through her worst. Men are very powerful when it comes to a woman emotions because we are sensitive. We care more about our man or whoever we dating opinion, because we look good for ourselves and have to look good for our man all time.

All i’m saying ladies is to just stay positive, motivate your self, love yourself, and if your man still doesn’t give you no kind of compliments let him know, Don’t be afraid because it will show you if he really will listen.



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