Life of a mommy

I have been a mother for 4 years almost 5, and I enjoy every one bit of it. Having a child isn’t so easy like how it looks but it is amazing. I have a daughter that is so full of energy, smart, unique, and of course beautiful, but man she is a pain in the back ๐Ÿ˜ฉ. If you are a mother you know that kids around this age give you a run for your money and of course run you low. I see that some parents don’t have that much patients and no offense, but being a parent comes with patients I mean a lot of patients, you just have to learn to accept that you have someone under you now.

My daughter gets to me a lot, she is really spoiled but I can’t blame nobody but myself and her father, especially him. I am not strict like I should Dad as her bed time, drinking and eating at certain hours, and when it comes to her tablet. Like when I say no she makes this little innocent face or act like she is so hurt and I let it get to me to much. As a parent I know I shouldn’t and I tell myself everyday I need to be more strict. I am going to start working on saying no and start to set out certain rules for her. I mean I say this all the time lol but I’m making it a priority now.

Besides everything else I truly enjoy being a parent, and I’ll totally do the whole baby thing all over again. I’m not quite ready for a second baby but if it happens I’m all for it. I’m sure by time I have my second child I will be way more experienced and educated on parenting. Anyways hope you guys enjoyed reading a little insider about me being a parent.

Here’s my beautiful princess Ra’Ziya Marieโค๏ธ


2 thoughts on “Life of a mommy

  1. I never wanted children. I was one of the greatest juvenile delinquents in the history of the State of Utah, so I figured that if I had a child, he/she would wind up being one of history’s greatest serial killers or mass murderers. Karma and all that.

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