The best way to cope with anxiety:

Yes, 2014 I was diagnosed with Anxiety. It isn’t a great feeling at all, and can make something’s in life stressful. I can’t even describe the feeling and describe the episodes that I was having.

I got so overwhelmed and always prayed in hope it will go away. So when I went to the doctor they tried offering me medicine to help calm it down or for me to go see a psychiatrist to help get rid of it.

I definitely didn’t go that route because I told myself, I am normal, I’m healthy, I’m strong, and I’ll be okay. I figured out the things that were stressing me out and making me feel like I’m not strong enough.

So, I do my own yoga work outs at home if not I’ll hit the gym, I will stay more positive, and keep myself hydrated. I know that it don’t seem like it’s not to much, but trust me it is. Especially Yoga, that it is the #1 exercise of relaxation.

I haven’t had an anxiety attack since 2015 and it is going on 2017. God is good and I’m truly thankful for finding something that can help me get over my fears.


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