Don’t give up keep going…

Don’t give up on anything that you worked so hard for. Keep faith and believe. We all have times when we want to give up on everything we work so hard for. Life is very hard to cope with, but remember we came in this world alone. God will give us challenges you have to just fall through with them. -SB

I remember I use to give up because I felt I didn’t have an support system. Sometimes you can’t always dwell on that, although it is the best feeling having people you love to support you, but sometimes you can’t depend on everyone to have your back. -SB

Sometimes when you need people the most they are never there. So you have to lead by your lonely, and rock with yourself. Also, I always tell people to compliment there self. For an example, tell yourself all the time how smart you are, or how nice you look, or just anything that bring you into a positive mood.-SB

Strength & positivity plays a big role in your life. Surround yourself around people who are going as hard as you. Self love is the best love that we can ever give to ourselves.-SB

Remember don’t give up, keep going, stay strong!.

S B 👸


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