Tis the season to be J O L L Y

Hi everyone, Christmas is 3 days away :).



 It’s a cheerful time of the year, enjoy it. Don’t let nobody bring your joy down. Your love, affection, and smile can always bring joy to whomever that is around you. Look at all the Christmas lights, and decorations, and if you have kids drive them around your local neighborhood to show the kids how nice all the houses look. Keep the happy mood going, this is the time of year to show family how much you appreciate them. If you feel like you had a bad day at work, when you go home watch Christmas movies. After work, or on my off days, I have been coming home to turn on hallmark lol, best channel for Christmas movies. It definitely brings me in a better mellow mood.



I have no clue how everyone shopping arrangements are, but mines are pretty bad, i just barely start shopping today. Also, I have to finish this Saturday due to work. So, if you haven’t get out there, enjoy the atmosphere with all the beautiful lights and decorated trees. If you aren’t able to buy your love ones no gifts, or buy your love ones the things you couldn’t get them, just know it’s the thought that count. 

download (1)


2017 is almost over, and soon will the New Year. Love yourself, love your family, love your job, keep going, and be happy.  Make goals for the New Year, yes sometimes it’s hard to up in change, but it’s a whole New Year, imagine how long you been on this earth. You should always want to change something about yourself. Who have you became over the next year? and Who will you be Next Year? Will you still be bitter? or Will you be happier then you were in 2017? ask yourself them questions

I always say that a New Years resolution is a must. Write down your goals and focus on achieving them. Who knows, Next Year you or me might somewhere in life you never thought you will ever be “In a good way”. Stick to your dreams, don’t give up, keep going. Write down your New Years resolution in make that a reminder to yourself.


M E R R Y     C H R I S T M A S









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