How to curve a man Part 1

Ladies, I know it’s hard to curve a man you truly feel you love, but have you thought to yourself that maybe it might not be love? If a man constantly hurting you, and you still taking him back don’t necessarily means you are in love. It’s days and nights you don’t know how to let go, because you are so use of being with him.

I have 5 Tips:

Tip #1: Tell him how you feel with out showing pain

Tip #2: Give him a taste of his own medicine

Tip #3: Block all his numbers and social media’s

Tip #4: Pray!

Tip #5: Start to believe in yourself in have more faith in your own actions

It Seems like the tips are so easy, but it’s not, you have to really start loving yourself more, and then it will be way much easier. Put all your effort into letting his a** go with no regrets.


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