Work & Stress Problems #Thursday

(Work & Stress)

Seriously how many can say they are overwhelmed or at least have been? Well i typically can say that majority of the people that are busy and consistently doing something productive with there life are. They always say hard work pays off, but at the same time hard work is a kick in the “ASS”!. I always and always will be a big supporter for people that really go hard to succeed or that have already succeeded. 

Although all this hard work that you lovely women do, try to stay as strong as you are. It can be times you want to give up, and it can be times you want more but hate the fact it’s so much pressure on you. 

Honestly, I am 27 years old, and i spent my life doing so many things i just overwhelmed my own self. I finally decided at 26 that i wanted to blog, because since my job consist of me sitting down at a desk, all i do is sit at work, so i spend most of my time on social media and writing in my notes on thoughts and other things.

It came to me that i always been a writer i just didn’t know it. I’m probably not as experienced or as smart as other writers lol, just kidding, but i know that i can sit all day in write about so many different things, and i do so much research that i teach my own self words i never learned and other things i never knew growing up. 

I amaze myself everyday because i know that i have the ability, the brains, the wisdom, and the strength to be whatever i want to be. I have giving up on so many things in life, because i felt that i was dumb, I felt that i would never be on the same level as others. For some odd reason, I just thought so negative about myself. I prayed for strength and stability, and slowly but surely things have been changing. 

I always have been the type of woman, to speak to others in give them the best advice, although i never took it, but i enjoyed seeing other people that take my advice in, and it absolutely worked. I am a strong woman, i just had to believe it. It really is my past that had me insecure, and of course the company of people i had around me. I learned you have to stop being negative and also let the negative people exit out your life. 

We all as people have to learn that we might all be the same far as humans, but we are not the same far as mentally. We all have our own personalities, and when it comes to your work setting you might not click with everybody you meet. Dealing with negative people will make your work very hard. I definitely can say that i have lost one of my jobs behind drama, and although i bounced back in got another job, that made me realize i want to start my own business, and also be a writer. 

Find something that makes you relieved everyday when you get off work, or even on your off days. Find something that gives you peace and hope that the stress you get working will come down soon. Pray and keep god name in vein. Also, if you need to vent do so, sometimes we need to just talk out our worries and our pain. Talk to someone you know that genuinely cares.

     Good Day Bloggers, hope all is well.



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