Why men talk so down on us black women?

black-couple-fighting (1)

So many say that Black women are to demanding, ghetto, and have bad attitudes, and always want to be there man mother. Well, i’m going to give you an reason why black women are so passionate about themselves. 

Hi, my name is S.B. and i’m going to open up to you about my beautiful strong black women. Black women aren’t what a lot of men make us out to be. We are very secure over our significant other. When it comes to thinking we are our man mother, that is definitely not true. See, the thing is men still act like a little boy, but us women? We are very much matured then they are.

Some men, i’m not going to say all, are lazy, we always have to clean up after them, or tell them to pick up after they selves, or always have to baby them and fill out paper work, and etc. Which, is not a problem, but that goes to show who really is the one taking care of things around the house.

So, it’s not technically we are purposely trying to be their parent, it just comes naturally, because we like things how we want it. Men don’t realize that, because a lot of men are stuck in there ways and it’s ridiculous. Black woman are emotionally fighters. We don’t give up on who we love, we have the mindset that we are going to be a team and going to stick by our man side. black-couple-fighting.jpg

Far as being ghetto, we aren’t ghetto, I feel that it is totally disrespectful to us women. Just because we talk with a high pitch voice, or talk in a certain manner, doesn’t mean that we are ghetto and different from others. I have came across plenty of women of all ethnicity’s that are loud, or have a very high pitch voice, terrible attitude and very demanding, but quiet as it kept, black women get pulled down by black men everyday. Everyday their is an excuse behind a black brother, on what and how black women should be.



PART 2 TO BE CONTINUED . . . . . . . .


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