Wednesday‘s Expression Blog :).

Hi Bloggers, I know I have totally been MIA my apologies!

Lately I have failed, and I started to get depressed because I felt like I was so amped up that I was out of debt, and that everything was gone be okay, and I didn’t need to work as hard. Once I got to arrogant everything started to fall apart.

Late on my car note, barely have no where to stay, bills on top of bills, family issues, relationship issues. Everything just start falling out of place. I felt like I got to comfortable with my life, although I still work, I take care of my child, but sometimes it’s just not enough to settle for something that I still struggle with.

So I started to plot on my life and writing down goals I want to achieve in life, and I knew that I had to figure out soon what I want in life because my daughter is 5 and kids are expensive. I got into E-Commerce/Drop-shipping and finally launched my website. Being an entrepreneur have always been one of my goals. I always felt I had a business mindset just never pushed or believe in myself.

I learned you have to extremely want the best for you. Don’t let your cocky ways fail you or your luck. Be as humbled as you can. Be wise, be independent, be strong, and be your own supporter. You can get far in life by just staying focus on what’s really important in your life.



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