Relationship 101: Beginning

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So you know it’s 100% real when it is happening right? Okay right. Well, first foremost “Don’t go into rushing things.  Anything worth having is worth waiting for.” You can understand how much a person means to you and it’s value. Take things really easy if you are a person that is all for an healthy relationship. See now when people think logically they think of course we all would like a healthy relationship, but that is definitely not true.It is a lot of people that are bitter when it comes to dating or possibly just don’t know how to cope with their significant other. Their are abusive men/women, bad trust issues, and even someone that feels the urge to pick an argument just because. Those are the things to watch out for, although it can be hard defining who that person really is later down the line, but once you see different, you stay away.

You have to make sure you stay completely sane and continue being yourself. Once you or your partner switches up to the person they weren’t when you first met them, your relationship does an entirely 360. The outcome of your relationship will either be something you regret, or something you will be continuously happy about. I have a selected few tips that you should take in for an healthy relationship .




Relationships are what you make them, it’s all about the vibes you give each other. Of course, disagreements are going to happen, but now days we let disagreements turn into break ups. Some people still fail to realize that in a relationship you are not going to always see eye-to-eye, and the simple fact that a man/woman is completely opposites. 

There is no way to know where this connection or love life will take you because during the moment down the line it can be self-sabotaging at times. If you let go so easily over the smallest things that means that means you can’t accept anything and you will never be satisfied. Let LOVE guide you, love who you are and love that you are not being so uptight and enjoy yourself, you have to make love fun sometimes.


Also, if you start getting the feeling that things aren’t going how you expected it to or as planned. Leave, let that plan go. Don’t lead someone on when both mindsets are not on each other level. There is someone for everyone, and there is people that feel like they will never find who they want, so they have no patience so they run out of options. Don’t run out of options, keep your options open.




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