My Closet Sale Progress

Okay, so although i been very overwhelmed, I just realized I actually found something extra to help with my bills. If you notice just by reading my blogs I am a living master mind. I always think of ways to make money, or to get to where I want in life. I come up with ideas 💡 and always write them down.


So, I decided to start selling my clothes on my blog, I wasn’t getting sales and and still haven’t apparently lol. So then I googled websites or apps where I can sell my items on.


I found an app called Posh Mark. Now I remember getting a Poshmark ad to my email, but I’m sure everyone have ignored ads a point of time in there life lol. This time I actually downloaded the app. I started looking at other profiles getting the idea, and boom 💥.


I found something that caught interest. I been using this app for about a week and already made a total of EIGHT sales. I am super happy and thankful that I found something I am definitely into.


Now I am going to see how far I get with this, and if I end up pushing in more sales, who knows what things might turn out to be :). Now I am able to pay my bills I have been slacking on! Just as long as you stay positive, do your research, and connect with people, you never know how lucky you just might get.


Click link for my Poshmark or go to Shop my closet tab!



XoXo -SeqouiaB💋


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