Palm Springs Two Day Trip

Hey you guys, I got some really cool news, I am going to Palm Springs this weekend yay. I am going on a sisters trip and we are going to have so much fun. I have never been to Palm Springs before and from what I heard of it is going to be scorching hot but guess what I don’t care I’m so ready to drink and just enjoy myself. This will be a good time to just release some stress and focus on me without thinking about anything behind me. So the plans we have so far is, the escape room, distilling room, barhopping, swimming, scavenger hunt, and just really have fun.

Don’t forget everyone to take some alone time to yourself because it’s much needed. We all need to step out of business mode sometimes. I know I do lol. I just feel like I’ve been working so hard, from looking for a place, from working on my business, and of course being a mommy. I’ve been having a pretty hectic month so a drink is definitely calling my name.

So during our trip we are going to do a vacation raffle. Basically we will get a bowl and put different states+countries inside and whatever the first one says that we pick out without looking, we will be going. I truly hope we pick the Bahamas 🇧🇸, I am definitely desperate to go there. I heard the sea was absolutely beautiful & Blue.

I will be posting videos and pictures, so just keep up with my blogs starting Friday 😊.

XoXo -SeqouiaB


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