My August Good News!

These past two years has been the worst. I took so may loses. I went through the worst. I think these past two years i have been more depressed then i have ever been in a while. So, i finally got fed up of all the struggles, and depression, and just being unhappy. I applied for an apartment about 4 days ago. Guess what?



I am beyond excited! I never thought i would be back in my own space again. I think that this is my birthday and Christmas present, it’s like December is already here. I am blessed, thankful, grateful, and thrilled. I been praying for this special time in my life, i started to lose a lot of hope. From the grace of god i am so ready for this new change. I plan out changing a lot of things when i move. I would like a fresh start, bringing the NEW YEAR into my own is a big change. 

Besides that, i definitely will be blogging more, i will actually be able to concentrate and not have any distractions. I thought about making more videos as well. Like challenges, projects, daily life videos, routines, and so much more to keep my viewers updated with my lifestyle once i am officially settled in my place. 

Anyways, that is the big news, which is the best news ever!…hope you guys have a bless day/night and i hope you guys are ready for my next blog :).



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