Thinking about making this cut off jean piece into a choker..decisions. DIY?

So as you see, I cut this off from my pants that i cut into shorts. Don’t it kind of look like a choker right? right…. Well anyways i’m thinking about turning it into a choker maybe. I am not really creative when it come to designing things and creating things. I might have a creative mind but i am not good with my hands lol. I guess it’s worth a try though. 

I am going to look up some cool ideas about creating your own denim choker.

First of all, all i have is scissors lol, I definitely do not have measuring tape, or anything to sew. So, i am going to go into self thinking mode, to figure out how can i create a cute choker without all the equipment i need.


Here are a few handmade denim chokers, just so i can get an idea:

These all look easy, and maybe will not be as hard as i think it will be. When i make it i definitely will be posting pictures of the outcome, so pay me another visit :).

                                      XoXo- SeqouiaB