Hashtag madness and Instagram clean up 2 in 1

Are you starting a business? or already have a business but need more audience?

Are you following people that aren’t following you back but you don’t have the patience to go back and unfollow them?

Do you want to gain more followers but don’t know the right hashtags to use?

If you find it difficult or time consuming listed above, then that’s where my services come in at!

While you focus on other important things i can do some of my work to help you out. A good clean up, and also bringing more audience to your IG account is needed if you are trying to brand yourself or your business.


What info i need from you?

  • Username
  • Password
  • Security code while attempting to login


How the process works?

After your purchase i have 24 hours to contact you via email to retrieve the information listed above. Any other directions will also be sent via email as well.ย This service will continue for TWO WEEKS.ย When done, you will also receive anย “ending”ย email.



  • 1000+ or more followers
  • Account must be turned into a business page
  • At least 10 post or more



Please understand that it will take a couple days for your account to get likes/followers. Also, understand that anybody has the right to unfollow your profile as well. Which will not be our fault. Our main goal is to help you build your IG and get you more audience.



The goal is to accumulate 100+ followers and gain more likes on your products by using our hashtag technique, and to unfollow those who aren’t following you back.

Any refunds?

Yes, on this package we offer refunds if we aren’t able toย ACCESS YOUR ACCOUTย We will refund you the exact refund amount.

To sign up go toย Hashtag madness and Instagram clean up