I am me

They think they know you…but they only know the outside of you. My inner spirit is strong, but filled with so much confusion… over time I learned to find myself and realized how my alter ego is free spirit..I love waking up and hearing the birds chirping, I enjoy looking in the mirror admiring my natural skin, my natural hair, my unique cheek bones, and my distinctive look…. my beauty is un-explainable… my heart is pure….I define myself through words I always kept inside… I am going through a change in life that some might not accept. Some might think I’m weird, but all I can do is finally accept myself for who I really am….hey I’m weird. I love walking around the city, smelling all the beautiful flowers. I love sitting on green grass, and reading drama books while listening to Jill Scott… but this is me…Sometimes it takes time to figure out who you are…my inner self always tell me i am different..but it has always been hard to bring out my true self. Some times we let our pride over power us, and sometimes we let our pride portray to be someone we are not. I had to realize the way i think, the way i see things may be different from others.. but i am still in the same human form as others…I love being free, I love being able to accept me for me..Free Spirit & loving myself for myself…Don’t be afraid to be honest with your mind, your body, & your soul…be free as a bird and let your wings out….



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